How to Claim Your CITREP+ Funding Support

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For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, it’s important to understand how to claim CITREP+. Correctly following the claim procedure can result in funding support for as much as 70-90% of the cost of your course.

IMDA has collaborated with Bespoke Training to offer professional development technology courses and professional certifications. All of this training is eligible for CITREP+.

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Eligibility to Claim CITREP+

In order to be eligible for CITREP+ you need to be either a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. For more details on eligibility read our Ultimate guide to levelling up your AWS Cloud Skills with CITREP+ or check out the IMDA website.

This article will focus on the CITREP+ claim procedure.


How to Claim CITREP+: Claim Procedure

Alright, so assuming you are eligible, how do you actually go about claiming CITREP+ funding support?

The first thing to keep in mind is that CITREP+ works on a reimbursement model. This means you, or the organisation you work for, will need to pay for the cost of the course upfront.

It’s also important to know that you can’t apply for CITREP+ directly. You’ll need to register via an authorised training provider like Bespoke Training. You are also required by the IMDA to complete a simple screening interview.

Now, onto the application.

If you are a self-sponsored trainee you‘ll need to complete the application yourself.

If the organisation you work for is sponsoring you then they will need to submit the application.

This claim and the required documentation (outlined below) will need to be submitted online through the ICMS system. In order to log on you’ll need a SingPass ID and password. Sponsoring organisations will need either a SingPass ID or a CorpPass ID.

Make sure to lodge your application within 3 months of the completion date of your training and certification. ICMS has a strict policy of refusing late applications.

Supporting Documentation for your CITREP+ Application

In order to claim your CITREP+ funding support you will need to supply the following documentation:

  • A copy of the course invoice and receipt. This is issued by your course provider.
  • A Direct Credit Authorisation (DCA) form
  • A copy of your SkillsFuture Credit ‘Claim Applications’ transaction history
  • If your sponsoring organisation is eligible for up to 90% support, you will need a copy of your Company’s Declaration of SME Status for Funding Support

For Students/NSF Eligible for up to 100% Support

  • Proof of matriculation
  • A recommendation by the PSEI
  • Proof you are pursuing NITEC, Higher NITEC, a Diploma, or up to First Degree awarded through Post Secondary Educational Institutes (PSEIs) in Singapore NS
  • Proof of Enlistment and Operationally Ready Date (ORD)
  • A copy of your SAF 11B card

For Course and Certification Fee Support

  • A signed daily attendance sheet (applicable to in classroom training)
  • Certificate of Course Completion/Achievement confirming you attended at least 75% of classes
  • Examination Score Report/Examination Result Slip and Final Certificate for the endorsed certification issued by the Certificate Awarding Body (if the endorsed course leads to a certification)
  • Assessment Result (if the endorsed course does not lead to any certification) issued by the course provider
  • Final Certificate for the endorsed certification issued by the Certificate Awarding Body

How to Claim CITREP+ with Bespoke Training

If this all seems a bit complicated, don’t worry. We offer a range of IMDA endorsed AWS Cloud training. We can also help you apply for your funding support.
Here’s how applying for CITREP+ with us works:

  1. Contact Bespoke Training to confirm you are eligible for the selected AWS Cloud training program. You will also need to complete a simple screening interview that is required by IMDA.
    Bespoke will send you a Student Pack via email.
  2. Complete and return the forms to Bespoke Training, along with your ID (proof of citizenship or residency).
  3. Create an account at InfoComm. This requires a SingPass or CorpPass so you’ll need to register first if you don’t already have one.
  4. Bespoke Training will submit student details into ICMS for approval. We will then email you a Letter of Offer and a Tax Invoice.
  5. Sign and return the Letter of Offer to Bespoke Training via email.
  6. Pay the invoice via your preferred method.
  7. Bespoke Training will email you a Booking Confirmation with the course details.
  8. Attend and complete the training and examination.
  9. Bespoke Training will email you a copy of your signed Letter of Offer, paid Tax Invoice and proof of attendance.
  10. Download the Certificate of Participation & Exam Certificate from AWS.
  11. Upload the relevant documents to ICMS (the items listed in steps 10 and 11).
  12. ICMS will process your funding support.

For an easy to use diagram that explains this process you can download our Guide to CITREP+ Funding.

The Ultimate Guide to CITREP+

Want a more complete view of CITREP+? Check out The Ultimate Guide to levelling up your AWS Cloud skills with CITREP+. This comprehensive blog contains an indepth look at eligibility criteria, the context surrounding CITREP+ and a full list of our IMDA endorsed training courses.