On-Demand Webinar:

Train to Succeed on AWS

The cloud makes innovation possible, but it’s the people who make it happen.

According to research carried out by SoftwareOne, 43% of businesses have struggled to keep up to date with security, governance, and compliance-related tasks due to a shortage of cloud workers.

This skills gap costs organisations precious time and money.

AWS Training and Certification is the key to closing this gap, by building capability, credibility and effectiveness with AWS Cloud.

The Train to succeed on AWS Cloud webinar will guide team leaders and IT professionals with the resources required to develop key technical AWS skills to drive innovation with the world’s largest cloud provider, AWS Cloud.

You’ll Learn:

  • The latest on the global skills gap
  • AWS resources available to commence a learning journey
  • AWS role and solution-based certification learning pathways

Resources mentioned on the webinar

Bespoke AWS Resources

  • On Demand Webinars – we are regularly hosting new webinars all the time, and you can find the on-demand recordings here.
  • Ultimate Guide to AWS Training and Certification – answers the top FAQs asked about AWS training, as well as covers the latest learning pathways and certifications.
  • AWS Certifications – the certification pathways are defined by speciality area.
  • AWS Learning Paths – you can choose your preferred learning path by role or solution.
  • AWS Skill Builder (teams) – if you have a team of 5 or more Bespoke can offer you a special team premium-level subscription to support your instructor-led training.

AWS Resources

  • AWS Skill Builder (individual) – get started with a personal/ individual account. This is a great self-paced learning platform that works in sync with live,  instructor-led training to help you achieve your learning goals.
  • AWS Ramp Up guides – these weren’t covered in the webinar, but are an excellent tool to help you map out your blended learning journey to achieve accreditation.

Webinar Presenter

Trent RosenthalCEO and Founder at Bespoke Training

Trent brings a decade of transformative leadership to the cloud training sector —specialising in AWS and Azure.

Through his commitment to empowering people with technical skills to build the future, Trent has led initiatives that bridge technology and education. With a focus on better learner outcomes, he has transformed virtual learning and revolutionised how professionals engage with cloud training programs.