AWS Learning Paths

Giving your team direction and structure, helping you make sense of the training options and achieve the learning outcomes important to you.

Instructor-led Live Online Training Courses
Kick start your cloud team’s journey with our 1 day fundamental Courses

AWS Technical Essentials

Whether you’re in a technical or non-technical role, this course helps you gain an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud and prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

This course is ideal for anyone in a technical role who wants to learn the fundamentals of identifying AWS services to make informed decisions about IT solutions.

AWS Migration Essentials

This course is intended to provide solutions architects with the foundational knowledge required to successfully plan and perform lift and shift migrations to the AWS Cloud.

AWS Security Essentials

This fundamental-level course covers the basics of keeping your data safe in the AWS Cloud.

Whether you’re overseeing on-premises, hybrid, or cloud infrastructure; driving innovation with top-tier applications; or bolstering apps and infrastructure with data and analytics, Bespoke is here to equip you with the essential AWS skills. Whether you’re initiating a digital transformation or embarking on your next project, we’re committed to supporting your journey.

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Instructor-led Training Courses by Role or Solution

Explore learning opportunities grouped by your role or by your solutions area.


AWS Technical EssentialsFundamental1 day
Architecting on AWSIntermediate3 days
Advanced Architecting on AWSAdvanced3 days


AWS Technical EssentialsFundamental1 day
Cloud Operations on AWSIntermediate3 days


AWS Technical EssentialsFundamental1 day
Developing on AWSIntermediate3 days
Advanced Developing on AWSAdvanced3 days


Data Analytics


DevOps Engineering on AWSIntermediate3 days

AI and Machine Learning

The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWSIntermediate4 days
Developing Generative AI Applications on AWSIntermediate2 days


AWS Migrating EssentialsFundamental1 day
Migrating to AWSIntermediate3 days


AWS Security EssentialsFundamental1 day
AWS Security Governance at ScaleIntermediate1 day
Security Engineering on AWSAdvanced3 days


AWS Cloud Practitioner EssentialsFundamental1 day
AWS Technical EssentialsFundamental1 day

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