AWS training for small and medium business

With technology changing so rapidly and shortages of skilled talent compounding recruitment efforts, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) face increased challenges differentiating themselves in a crowded market.

Many SMBs turn to AWS Cloud to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, achieve greater innovation, and upgrade their security. Most are looking to implement ambitious projects that require cloud-trained staff, and others are fast-growing businesses that are constantly adding new team members.

Unfortunately a lack of education on cloud tools, as well as best practice, can impede and delay the achievement of these critical milestones.

Propel your organization with cloud fluency

Improving ‘cloud fluency’ is proven to help SMBs meet their business objectives so they can gain agility and drive faster innovation.

In this ebook, A Guide to Growing Your Business with AWS Training, you’ll learn how to increase scale and speed-to-market with high-performing cloud teams. Discover the top trends impacting cloud training, and hear from global small and medium businesses on how to do it right.

A guide to growing your business with AWS training

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Five key trends in cloud training

  • Innovative cloud training options

  • New ways to engage your teams

  • How small and medium businesses are thriving with AWS Training and Certification