Ultimate Guide to AWS Training & Certification

Cloud technology is changing the way businesses operate, scale and go to market. IT is no longer just supporting infrastructure, it is transforming businesses through innovation and increased profitability.

Having staff skilled in cutting edge technologies is critical to transforming business capability. However the speed of change with technology, and the rapid adoption of cloud infrastructure has resulted in a skills gap between the expertise of IT professionals and the rapidly evolving needs of business.

This skills gap is driving increasing interest in cloud training and certification, as both IT professionals and organisations seek to improve their understanding and skills.

This guide has been developed based on the search queries that are made every month about AWS training and certification. If you’re new to AWS Cloud, this guide is literally your frequently asked questions answered.

What’s inside the guide

  • Which cloud certification is in demand?

  • How long does it take to learn AWS?

  • What is the best AWS certification?

  • How much does AWS training cost?

  • How do I study for AWS certification?

  • How much does it cost to get AWS certified?

  • How long does AWS Certification last?

  • What is a passing score for AWS certification?

  • How many times can I take AWS exam?

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