On Demand Webinar:

Getting your team ready for Generative AI

Watch our on-demand webinar tailored for team leaders and decision makers in Australia and New Zealand who are eager to grasp the potential of generative AI in addressing business concerns and driving growth.

Gain valuable insights into integrating generative AI strategies into your organisation and equip yourself with essential tools and knowledge.

Discover the foundational technical aspects and critical terminology associated with generative artificial intelligence (AI). Explore the strategic planning process for implementing generative AI projects, while assessing the associated risks and benefits.

What you will learn:

  • The basics of generative AI terminology
  • Potential benefits and risks
  • Steps for planning a generative AI project
  • Key considerations for building a generative AI-ready organisation and more!

Who is this webinar for:

  • Business and Technical Decision Makers
  • Team Leaders
  • Technology Leaders


Raj BhadresaRaj Bhadresa AWS trainer and webinar presenter
AWS Champion Authorised Instructor

Raj is an AWS Champion Authorised Instructor for Bespoke Training Services. Raj holds 6 AWS certifications, focusing on Architecture, Security, CloudOperations, Machine Learning & Data Analytics domains. Raj has over 25 years of IT industry delivery experience and currently is authorised to deliver 13 of the authorised AWS programs.

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To really ramp up your understanding, check out our AWS 4 day course – The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS. Or if you are interested in the 2 day course – Developing Generative AI Applications on AWS – please let us know as we are fielding interest and dates.

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