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The Train to succeed on AWS Cloud webinar will guide team leaders and IT professionals with the resources required to develop key technical AWS skills to drive innovation with the world’s largest cloud provider, AWS Cloud.

You’ll Learn:

  • The impact on business performance due to the global skills gap
  • AWS learning resources available to commence a learning journey
  • AWS role and solution-based certification learning pathways
  • The company and individual benefits of developing these in-demand AWS skills

Webinar Presenter

Trent Rosenthal – CEO and Founder at Bespoke Training

Trent brings a decade of transformative leadership to the cloud training sector —specialising in AWS and Azure.

Through his commitment to empowering people with technical skills to build the future, Trent has led initiatives that bridge technology and education. With a focus on better learner outcomes, he has transformed virtual learning and revolutionised how professionals engage with cloud training programs.

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