How Amazon Web Services and Bespoke Training helped Xero go from a small startup in New Zealand to one of Australasia’s top listed technology companies with a global, million+ customer-base.

Xero migrated from a managed service provider to AWS cloud and in doing so, had to understand how to take ownership and responsibility of the things they do.

During the migration, they used workshops, seminars, webinars, public and on-site instructor-led training with AWS to understand how to migrate effectively and securely.

Along the way they learned some important lessons about how to succeed with AWS cloud, whether you are an organisation or IT professional…


Xero came to understand that innovation and change at speed requires the right insight.

It’s key to understand the best practices and how to learn from them.

Having comprehensive training is one of the fundamental pillars in understanding how you’ll scale effectively.

Training enabled Xero to work quickly without sacrificing reliability or security

Additionally, it was vital that their employees understood what they were doing and how they were doing it

…and the key to that is having the right type of knowledge and certifications.


AWS certifications enabled Xero to have a strong confidence and trust in the way they do things in the AWS cloud.

Certification is now their principle model of trust and ownership of things in the cloud because with certifications, they can trust their decisions.

Tom Britton, Team Lead – Security at Xero recommends AWS training and certification when doing migrations.

He says…

“AWS certification has been a really strong way of getting my team to understand that there is real value in these certifications and that they are really useful for doing their day-to-day work”

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