What’s New with AWS, January 2019

A summary of What’s New with AWS for the month of January 2019, as shared by Jeff Barr, VP, AWS Evangelist.

What’s New with AWS – Week of January 28, 2019

Amazon WorkLink

Amazon WorkLink is designed to assist with the common challenge businesses have of providing secure mobile access to Intranet content, with their on-the-go workforce.

Allows businesses to provide secure access to both internal sites and Apps that are hosted on-premise or within a VPC. The content is rendered in AWS Cloud, and then delivered to devices in vector form over TLS connection. Launched with support for iOS, and Android coming soon.

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TLS Termination for Load Balancers

Designed to make it easier and more efficient to build secure web applications. When you use TLS, you create a secure communications channel, with a small compute cost to encrypt or decrypt the information at either end.

With this new AWS product feature, you can now offload that duty to your Network Load Balancer, reducing your management overhead, and the potential for better compliance as well.

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AWS Public Datasets

Back in 2008, AWS started working with Governments, industry, scientists and other researchers to identify useful data, locate it and package it up and make it available in the AWS Cloud.

AWS has just released 9 new AWS Public Datasets encompassing:

  • Life Sciences
  • Machine Learning
  • Environment
  • Geospatial
  • Astronomy
  • Housing

These Public Datasets are designed to be easy to find, and easy to use, and many of the datasets include some sample code.



What’s New with AWS – Week of January 14, 2019

Amazon DocumentDB

Fully managed document database that’s compatible with the MongoDB 3.6 API. Store up to 64TB of Data, and process millions of reads per second. Each database contains collections, collections contains documents, and then you can create a cluster in minutes.


AWS Backup

Automate and centrally manage your backups, launched with support for ABS, EFS, RDS, DynamoDB and Storage Gateway volumes.

The data is backed up into Amazon S3, and tiered to Glacier and super easy to use:

  • Create a backup plan
  • Assign resources either by ID or Tag
  • Pay only for the storage you consume



Part of the infrastructure solution behind the re:Invent Show Network. CenturyLink built a metro fibre ring, and redundant connections to each of the AWS re:Invent venues which generated some amazing metrics, eg.

  • 180 Gbps of Bandwidth
  • 81,000 Simultaneous Devices (at peak times)
  • 9.5 Gbps Peak Transfer Rate
  • 160 TB Total Data Transfer

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