What’s New with AWS – Week of November 12, 2018

In this last episode of What’s New with AWS before re:Invent 2018, Jeff Barr shares what’s new with Regions, CloudFormation, and AWS Budgets.


Opened second AWS GovCloud Region, which is on the East Coast of the United States, designed for Federal, State and local Government agencies and customers with regulated workloads.

Also working on a region in Milan, Italy to be opened in 2020.


CloudFormation Drift Detection

So in the scenario you create a CloudFormation stack from a template, and at a later date you make some changes to your AWS resources manually, meaning your template no longer matches what you’ve implemented. Drift Detection feature identifies the differences between your instance and your template, and lists them, so you can update your template.


AWS Budgets

AWS Budgets History feature allows you to look back in time, and compare your budget with your actual history, adjust your forecast, and help you to better manage your cloud costs.


You can view more at the AWS What’s New page.