AWS Cloud Platform News Round-up: June 2020

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Welcome to our AWS Cloud Platform news round-up for the month of June. Every month we’ll cover the biggest stories in AWS Cloud, IT, and cloud computing in general.

Below is a list of all the topics we will cover in this blog post. Click on any of these links and you’ll be taken to the corresponding section:

AWS Cloud Platform Updates

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Amazon Honeycode: Build Web & Mobile Apps Without Code

Amazon Honeycode is now in beta. This new, fully-managed service gives users the power to build powerful mobile and web applications without writing any code. Instead, it uses the familiar spreadsheet model.

Amazon Honeycode includes templates for common applications that you and other members of your team can use right away. If you’re familiar with spreadsheets and formulas everything you know about sheets, tables, values, and formulas will still apply.

AWS enhances AppSync

AWS Enhances AppSync Service

As of this month, AWS has launched enhancements to their AppSync service. The updates help optimise access to engaging applications that require real-time updates. These include gaming leaderboards, social media apps, live streaming, interactive chat rooms and IoT dashboards.

AppSync is a managed service that uses GraphQL to simplify application development. It does this by letting applications securely access, manipulate, and receive real-time updates from multiple data sources like databases and APIs.

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Amazon EKS Now Supporting EC2 inf1 Instances

AWS customers can now use Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances on the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service. Combining the two delivers faster predictions in higher volumes and at lower costs.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has quickly become a leading choice for machine learning workloads. It combines the developer agility and the scalability of Kubernetes, with the wide selection of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance types available on AWS.

AWS Cloud Platform and IT News

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Australia’s Investment in Cloud Exceeds $1 Billion

The cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market in Australia is predicted to hit $1 Billion this year. A new study from analyst firm Telsyte revealed this is due to the dominance of global public cloud giants.

These include AWS, Azure, IBM, Google, Oracle and Alibaba Cloud, with AWS and Azure well out in front.

Australian organisations spent $907 million on IaaS in 2019, with the total market will exceed $1 billion in 2020; a year-on-year increase of 23 percent. This is off the back of a ‘mini-boom’ driven by COVID-19 investment.

Origin Energy Shifts to AWS

Origin Energy is in the process of shifting its customer management environment to the AWS Cloud. The Australian energy giant revealed last month that it’s 60 percent through a project to transition most of its systems to public cloud. Origin expects to complete this transition by the end of 2022.

In a video published by AWS, Origin revealed it’s re-homing part of its SAP environment to run on AWS. As a result, they have experienced significant operating cost reductions and batch processing improvements.

Useful Cloud Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Training and Certification

Globally, there’s a huge difference between current levels of cloud integration and people with the skills to use it. According to research carried out by Global Knowledge, 70% IT decision makers report that their teams have a skills gap.

AWS Training and Certification is the key to closing this gap, by building capability, credibility and effectiveness with AWS Cloud.

Our Ultimate Guide to AWS Training and Certification has been developed based on the search queries that are made every month about AWS training and certification. It is literally your frequently asked questions answered!

Architecting on AWS- Accelerator

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