Learn the AWS Platform and Future Proof your Career

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Learn the AWS Platform to stay in demand and safeguard your career.

Globally, there’s a huge difference between current levels of cloud integration and people with the skills to use it. According to research carried out by Global Knowledge, 70% IT decision makers report that their teams have a skills gap. This skills gap is costing them precious time and money.

This is why training and certification is so critical. It empowers individuals with the skills required to close this gap.

In this blog we’ll answer common questions about learning the AWS Cloud. We will also run you through how to get started with training and certification.

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How Long Does it Take to Learn the AWS Platform?

It’s the question everyone wants to know the answer to: how long does it take to build your AWS skills?

Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all answer since everyone’s learning path will be different. It is based on individual circumstances and your level of exposure to the AWS Platform.

For example, it could take anywhere from 6-18 months to achieve an Associate-level Certification.

It takes an additional 12-24 months to achieve a Professional-level or Speciality Certification.

Training for IT Professionals

For IT professionals with minimal exposure to AWS, start with AWS Technical Essentials. This course runs for 1 day and is a great starting point if you haven’t used AWS in production for at least 6 months.

Already have experience on AWS Cloud?

You can dive straight into a role based course. This is your first step on the path to certification.

We offer role based learning courses for Architects, Developers and Systems Operations.

Training for Non-Technical Staff

New to learning the AWS Platform? We recommend AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. This 1 day course validates your overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. It has been designed with business decision makers and IT team leaders in mind.

Which AWS Certification is in Demand?

AWS has the largest enterprise base meaning there’s high demand for AWS certified IT professionals. According to Business Insider a certificate in AWS Cloud technology can boost your salary by as much as 26%.

Let’s take a look at the AWS Certifications that are most sought after by employers.

Enterprise IT Architect

Cloud technology is constantly evolving, causing projects to become increasingly demanding and involved. A 2017 Harvey Nash and KPMG Leadership survey that found 61% of CIO’s agreed technology projects are more complex today than they were five years ago.

Because of this, organisations have reported significant demand for Enterprise IT Architects and senior solutions architects. They desperately need staff who can deliver digital strategies that link business objectives and processes with IT strategy.

DevOps Engineer

Devops Engineers are a hot commodity right now, particularly those with advanced certifications or hands-on cloud experience.

DevOps is critical to cloud development projects, determining an organisation’s ability to deliver new products and features. Organisations need engineers who have mastered working with sophisticated containerised workloads and they’re willing to pay for their expertise.

Cloud Security Engineer

For organisations shifting workloads to the cloud, security is a top priority. While cloud infrastructure service providers maintain security of their cloud, it’s the responsibility of customers to secure their data in the cloud. Organisations need Cloud Security Engineers who have a deep understanding of potential vulnerabilities in virtual machines and container deployment systems.

How Much Does it Cost to Learn the AWS Platform?

There’s a large range of training out there for AWS Cloud. Whether you’re interested in learning the basics or preparing for a certification exam, you’ll find training options available at a variety of price points.

Hands-on Experience

This training happens on teams where you gain the practical knowledge you need to work in real cloud environments. Roughly 3-6 months of hands-on experience will give you a good baseline of AWS skills.

Cost: n/a

AWS Digital Training

With a little time and initiative you can learn the AWS Platform through online training. A word of warning though: self paced eLearning courses might be easier on the wallet, but they have limitations. These types of courses lack access to experts and context specific to your business environment.

Cost: Free

Instructor Led Classroom Training

Instructor led classroom training provides you dedicated time to focus on learning whilst having access to a qualified AWS trainer. Students can ask questions directly and the skills taught will be contextualised to a working environment.

Research has shown that this kind of training delivers the best learning outcomes. For IT professionals looking to advance their career, we strongly recommend this kind of training.

Cost: $850 +GST (1 day) or $2,550 +GST (3 days) depending on which course you select

Self-Guided study

Independent learning allows you to fill gaps in your knowledge and learn new topics at your own pace. There’s a wide range of different resources such as blog posts, guides, webinars, whitepapers, use cases and peer resources available.

Cost: Free

Learn the AWS Platform: Everything You Need to Know

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