Equipping Your Workforce For a Successful Cloud Transformation

Equipping Your Workforce For a Successful Cloud Transformation

Instructor led training equips your employees with the skills to ensure your cloud transformation a success.

According to the 2019 Gartner report cloud computing infrastructure and applications will total $214 billion in 2019. Within the next three years, more than two-thirds of IT software and infrastructure will be cloud based. Whether you are ready or not, cloud migration will be increasingly vital to the growth of your business in the coming years.

As with the adoption and integration of any new technology, the most significant friction often comes from within. A successful cloud transformation requires your workforce to upskill and pivot in order to fully reap the benefits of cloud.

A Cloud Transformation Requires a Shift in Skills

As your business moves workloads to the cloud, the need for certain data center positions will begin to disappear. In their place a new set of domain skills that cater to process automation, architecture and resource optimisation will be needed to enable the transformation to cloud.

Training your employees for these new cloud-centric positions is your best option since there is a major shortage of individuals with cloud skills and experience. To put it in perspective, a study from the Australian Computer Society revealed that Australia is short of at least 200,000 tech workers required to keep pace with the cloud technology that is currently being used.

Instructor Led Training and Upskilling Your Staff

Instructor led training has been shown to nurture a more in depth understanding of cloud than online learning. This is because classroom training includes a combination of presentations, hands-on labs and group discussions.

This gives your employees dedicated time to focus on learning the cloud whilst having access to a qualified AWS trainer who can answer questions and provide advice specific to your needs.

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Four Tips to Accelerate the Upskilling Process and your Cloud Transformation

1. Incentives to reskill: This is part of creating a sense of shared ownership in your transformation to cloud. After all, eLearning tools and classroom training are most effective when your workforce is engaged and committed.

2. Facilitate collaboration: Combining fresh hires that specialise in the new ICT infrastructure with existing employees is an effective method of rapid reskilling. Use strategies like internships, apprenticeships, and co-op opportunities to leverage the existing range of skills your company has at its disposal. Establishing a Cloud Centre of Excellence is also an important part of the collaboration process.

3. Get executive support: Reskilling your workforce for cloud integration doesn’t just require careful management and an investment of time. To properly take advantage of cloud you need organisational support and investment. It helps to engage an executive to act as your business sponsor.

4. Don’t reinvent the wheel: Employ a variety of tried and tested techniques like agile development and feedback mechanisms to progressively adjust your training programs to meet your cloud adoption targets.

Leading the Charge to Cloud

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Guest blog written by Elica Garcia