Tech and AWS Cloud News Round-up: November 2020

Welcome to our tech and AWS Cloud news round-up for the month of November. Every month we’ll cover the biggest stories in Tech, Cloud and, IT in general.

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AWS Cloud Updates

Now Available: AWS Gateway Load Balancer

AWS Gateway Load Balancer is now generally available, making it easy and cost-effective to deploy, scale and manage virtual appliances. This includes firewalls, intrusion detection & prevention systems and deep packet inspection systems. Gateway Load Balancer features a single entry and exit point for all traffic. This is combined with a balancer that distributes traffic and scales your virtual appliances based on demand.


Now Available: AWS Network Firewall for Amazon VPC

AWS Network Firewall is a high availability firewall service for your virtual private cloud (VPC). It gives users the power to use custom rules to prevent VPCs from accessing unauthorised domains. It can also be used to identify malicious activity using signature-based detection. Deploy and manage stateful inspection with ease, detect and prevent intrusion and use filtering to protect your virtual networks on AWS.

Alexa Now Running on EC2 Inf1 Instances

Amazon Alexa is now running a majority of machine learning workloads on EC2 Inf1 instances.The result is 25% lower end-to-end latency, and 30% lower cost compared to GPU-based instances for Alexa’s text-to-speech workloads. Lower latency gives Alexa engineers the power to innovate with more complex algorithms. For Amazon customers this lower latency leads to an improved user experience.

Tech and AWS Cloud News

Australia’s Cyber Security Spending to Exceed $7.6 Billion by 2024

Cyber security spending in Australia is on track to exceed 7.6 billion annually by 2024. Over the last three years the sector has been steadily growing, seeing an increase of 30%. Currently, Australians spend roughly $5.6 billion on cyber security. This includes spending with local and international security providers.

IBM to Hire and Train 300 Singaporeans in Emerging Tech

Over the next 4 years, IBM will hire and train 300 Singaporean professionals in emerging tech fields. This is part of IBM’s Future-Ready Intelligent Digital Workforce Program. The program is designed to meet the rising demand for technology consulting and deep technical skills. The roles include digital consultants, big-data engineers, data scientists, cloud architects, UX designers and full-stack digital developers.

Useful Tech and AWS Cloud Resources

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Leadership Tactics to Accelerate Digital Transformation

How do you go faster? This is a key question facing many CIO’s and other executive leaders as we enter the post covid-digital boom. Gartner has identified 4 key tactics executive leaders can use to accelerate digital growth and fast-track decision making.

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AWS Re:Invent 2020 is On!

Re:Invent 2020 is underway. This year, the event is taking place as a free digital conference running up until the 18th of December By registering you’ll get unlimited access to hundreds of sessions led by AWS experts. You’ll also hear from cloud leaders and learn about cutting edge innovation happening in the AWS Cloud.

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