What’s New with AWS – Week of October 29, 2018

In this episode, AWS’s advocate Jeff Barr shares What’s New with AWS incorporating Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Translate and AWS CloudFormation Quick Start.

Amazon API Gateway

Relevant for anyone who is an API publisher, or subscriber. It extends the AWS Marketplace and allows API publishers to sell their API plan as a service via the Serverless Developer Portal.


Amazon Translate

This is a big upgrade for Amazon Translate, boosting the number of language pairs from 24 to 113. This change means you don’t need to use English as the intermediary language, making your applications run faster, and cost less to run.


AWS CloudFormation Quick Start

This Quick Start deploys a CICD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Development) pipeline and lets you automatically test your CloudFormation templates as you check them into GitHub. Leveraging AWS Task Cat, it deploys your template across multiple regions, and gives you a Pass Fail indication for every region.


You can view full details at the AWS What’s New page.