Cloud News Round-up: March 2020

Welcome to our monthly Cloud and IT News round-up. Every month we’ll take a look at some of the biggest stories in IT, updates to AWS Cloud and cloud computing in general.

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AWS Cloud Updates

AWS Amplify Console Now Accessible Through the AWS Amplify Command Line Interface

AWS Amplify Command Line Interface now offers hosting options for the AWS Amplify Console. This is in addition to hosting options for Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront. It is a framework for building modern applications, enabling users to easily add services like authentication or storage.

The AWS Amplify Console supports hosting the front-end and back-end assets for single page app frameworks. It also supports static site generators.

In addition, the console allows you to leverage features like continuous deployment, instant cache invalidation, custom redirects, and simple configuration of custom domains.

Amazon ElastiCache Global Datastore Now Available for Redis

Amazon ElasiCache Global Datastore is now available for Redis. This service allows users to replicate a cluster in one region to clusters in up to two other regions.

In-memory data stores are widely used for application scalability. Systems like Redis help decouple databases and back-ends from incoming traffic. For instance, this sheds most of the traffic that would have otherwise reached them. This reduces application latency for users.

Host your Container Storage with AWS Bottlerocket

AWS Bottlerocket, a new Linux-based open source operating system, launched earlier this month. Bottlerocket has been designed and optimised specifically for use as a container host.

Instead of a package update system, Bottlerocket uses a simple, image-based model. This allows for a rapid and complete rollback if necessary, removing opportunities for conflicts and breakage. In addition, it makes it easier for users to apply other fleet-wide updates.

Materialise your Amazon Redshift Views to Speed Up Query Execution

AWS has introduced materialised views for Amazon Redshift. That is to say, users can now use materialised views to speed up the query execution time.

Moreover, this kind of view is useful for queries that are predictable and repeated. Instead of performing resource-intensive queries on large tables, applications can query the pre-computed data stored in the materialised view.


Cloud and IT News

Bespoke Training Shifts to Live Virtual Instructor Led Training

All of our AWS courses are now delivered through Live Virtual Instructor Led Cloud Training (VILT). This shift is in response to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation which has meant in-person classes are no longer an option.

The content in our VILT course is exactly the same as our classroom courses. The only difference is that it is delivered digitally.

Watch our video on What is Live Virtual Instructor Led Cloud Training.

Read our Guide to Live Virtual Instructor Led Cloud Training.

AWS Launches $20 million Initiative to Help Fight COVID-19

Last Friday AWS announced that it has set aside $20 million US to help accelerate research and development of diagnostic solutions for COVID-19. AWS hopes to focus resources specifically on their customers that are working on point-of-care diagnostics, or testing with same-day results.

The initiative is open to AWS customers that are accredited research institutions or private entities. Currently the program includes 35 global research institutions, startups and businesses.

Useful Cloud Resources

Accelerate your Adoption of Cloud with Comprehensive Training

Moving to the cloud is about more than just technology. Organisations need employees with a deep technical understanding. This is why cloud training is so critical. Businesses shifting workloads to cloud can leverage cloud training to accelerate adoption, overcome concerns, and extend the benefits of cloud.

Find out how in our epic post: How Cloud Training Accelerates Cloud Adoption.

AWS Launches New Training and Certification Focused Blog

AWS has launched a new blog to share updates and insights about all things AWS Training and Certification. It’s a great place to stay up to date with what the AWS team is building and what’s new in AWS Cloud training.

Read the AWS Training and Certification Blog.

Train your Entire Organisation for Cloud Success

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