3 Ways to Increase your Cloud ROI

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Cloud ROI is about more than just getting value for money on your cloud spend.

Cloud is becoming the new normal. Consequently, it’s critical organisations accelerate their adoption to remain competitive in their markets.

Here’s three tips to help you maximise your cloud ROI.

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1. Building a Culture of Collaboration Increases your Return on Investment in Cloud

Shifting to the cloud impacts your entire business. Therefore cooperation and collaboration are key. You need everyone in your organisation working together toward a cloud centric future.

This will occur in two key ways.

Firstly, you need to make sure there is a common understanding of the cloud throughout your organisation. This is achieved through cloud training and a comprehensive training strategy.

But, more on that a little later.

Secondly, you need to create a formal culture of collaboration between your IT team and your operations team. This structure is known as DevOps.

In short, DevOps builds unity between teams that used to function separately. So, it’s one of the best ways to ensure you meet your cloud ROI targets

In addition, DevOps breaks the barrier between development and operations, blending the two.

Benefits of this way of working include:

  • Increased trust
  • Faster software releases
  • Ability to solve critical issues quickly
  • Capacity to better manage unplanned work

To make it in the world of DevOps you need a new set of working processes and working culture. So  it’s critical to establish a Centre of Cloud Excellence early in your Cloud-First transformation. This will define, communicate and oversee a culture of DevOps working in your organisation

In conclusion you can learn about establishing a Centre of Cloud Excellence here.


2. Training Everyone who Interacts with Cloud Accelerates Cloud ROI

Organisations who invest in comprehensive training are 3.8x more likely to meet their cloud ROI requirements*.

Comprehensive training includes cloud fundamentals training for a wide range of stakeholders. Similarly, it also involves deep cloud training for key technical teams.

For example, here are some other benefits of a comprehensively trained team*:

  • Simpler IT infrastructure: They are 2.2x more likely to agree that cloud can simplify and standardise IT infrastructure and applications
  • New capabilities, faster: They are 2.5x more likely to agree that cloud accelerates the addition of new technical and business capabilities
  • Improved use of resources: They are 4x more likely to agree that cloud improves the use of IT resources
  • Improved ability to scale: They are 3.7x more likely to understand how to successfully increase and decrease capacity on demand
  • Quicker to innovate: They are 2.7x more likely to realise cloud jump-starts innovation
  • Improved global reach: They are 5.3x more likely to agree that cloud improves global reach of products and services, better serving clients
  • Overcome concerns: 4.4x more likely to overcome operational/performance concerns

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter who your cloud provider is. Investing in comprehensive training  always gives your organisation a competitive edge.

Find out more about comprehensive cloud training for business here.

*Source: IDC white paper, Train to Accelerate your Cloud Strategy

3. Working with Experienced Cloud Partners Increases Cloud ROI

Life in a Cloud-First world is one of continuous development, testing and integration. Consequently, to hit your cloud ROI targets your technical staff need new skills. Skills to operate in this new, fast-paced environment.

Your cloud infrastructure or platform provider can guide you through this process.

Learn everything you can from your external partners, aiming to become self-sufficient once the initial transition period is over. Likewise, have your team work alongside them. This way they can fully absorb their skills and knowledge.

In addition, during this process is when you want to think about engaging a training partner.

A training partner provides structured training programs to solidify your team’s practical skills. For example, they can also assist your team earn certifications to validate their cloud skills.

If your cloud platform is AWS, we can work with you to create a cloud training plan. This will ensure your organisation hits its cloud ROI targets.

Here are some other benefits a cloud training plan brings:

  • Align training to organisational objectives
  • Minimise disruption to your organisation
  • Help forecast your organisation’s training spend

You can find out more about our cloud training plans for business here.