Train From Anywhere with Virtual Instructor Led Cloud Training

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Virtual instructor led cloud training is the perfect solution when cloud skills are important to an organisation.

In response to the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, many cities around the world are in a state of shutdown. Consequently, organisations are implementing remote working for their staff. As a result, traditional in-person classroom training currently isn’t an option.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that cloud training is still mission critical to many organisations. They are dependent on individuals with cloud skills to manage day to day tasks and continue digital transformation.

This is where virtual instructor led cloud training (VILT) comes in.

VILT is a convenient and effective way to equip yourself with the skills to succeed in the cloud. Plus, you can do it all from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

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Virtual Instructor Led Cloud Training

When we use the term virtual instructor led cloud training we are referring to training where students are led by a live instructor.

Students can ask questions directly and the skills taught will be contextualised to a working environment. Hands-on activities give students the opportunity to solidify skills they are taught by immediately putting them into practice.

Research has shown instructor led  training delivers the best learning outcomes.

Virtual and In-person Instructor Led Training: What’s the Difference?

The content in our VILT course is exactly the same as our in-person classroom cloud training. The only difference is that it is delivered through Bespoke Training’s digital platform.

Just like our previous in-person training, VILT:

  • Contains the same course structure and content
  • Follows the AWS Authorised Curriculum
  • Is led by the same AWS-Authorised Instructors
  • Delivered live with the ability to ask questions

As we mentioned earlier, with government mandated shutdowns in effect in many cities around the globe, in-person training isn’t possible. However, AWS Cloud training remains critical to organisations’ digital transformation needs, as well as individual skills enablement.

With this in mind, we have moved all of our classes to a live virtual format. This gives organisations and individuals the ability to access our world class AWS Cloud training from anywhere.

How Virtual Instructor Led Training is Delivered

The content covered in our AWS Cloud training is delivered through the following:

  • Instructor led: An AWS Certified Instructor will teach you the content live
  • Live demos: Live introductions to relevant AWS products and services
  • Hands-on labs: Your chance to get hands-on experience with AWS products under the guidance of an AWS Certified Instructor



The Advantages of Cloud Training for Individuals

For individuals, equipping yourself with technical cloud skills and experience makes you more valuable to your organisation.

Find out more about the advantages of cloud training for individuals.

The Advantages of Cloud Training for Organisations

For organisations, employees with cloud skills bring a wide range of advantages. These include:

  • The ability to troubleshoot technical problems without outside help
  • Contributing to an organisation’s credibility when it comes to proficiency with cloud applications
  • Eliminating the additional time and money required to hire new staff with cloud skills
  • Reducing the impact of downtime
  • Increasing the reliability and efficiency of your cloud
  • Improving the implementation of new technology
  • Decreasing the time to install and configure solutions
  • Providing long-term savings
  • Elevating levels of service and support to customers and IT end users
  • Gaining an edge over less-trained organisations

Learn more about the advantages of cloud training for organisations.


Virtual Instructor Led Cloud Training and Learning Outcomes

All of our cloud training courses have a list of learning outcomes. These outline the skills a student will gain by attending the course.

Furthermore, all AWS Cloud training is built around structured learning paths that lead to certification.

You can view our selection of instructor led training courses here.