AWS Cloud Computing News Round-up: August 2020

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Welcome to our  Cloud Computing news round-up for the month of August. Every month we’ll cover the biggest stories in AWS Cloud, IT, and cloud computing in general.

Below is a list of all the topics we will cover in this blog post. Click on any of these links and you’ll be taken to the corresponding section:

AWS Cloud Computing Updates

Simple Notification Service Now Supports Messages up to 2 GB!

This month Amazon launched an Extended Client library for Java for the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). This means users can now deliver messages with pay loads as large as 2GB. Prior to the update, SNS message payloads could only be as large as 256KB.

Using the Extended Client Library, users can store larger message payloads in an S3 bucket. This shared library can be used on its own by other Java-based protocol endpoints, such as Lambda, HTTP and HTTPS.

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Features Now Available for Visual Studio Code

CloudWatch Logs now have integration in the AWS Toolkit for VS Code. This gives developers working in VS Code the power to interact with CloudWatch log groups. After filtering the log streams for a selected log group, they can view the most recent 10,000 lines of log data.

The AWS Toolkit for VS Code is an open-source plugin. It empowers developers to leverage the integrated development environment for the creation, debugging and deployment of applications on AWS.

Pause and Resume Workloads with Amazon EC2 Hibernation

Amazon EC2 now gives users the ability to hibernate EBS-backed Amazon EC2 M5a and R5a instances. This means you can easily pause your workloads and resume them from the saved state later.

Hibernation saves effort in setting up the applications from scratch. It also saves time by reducing the bootstrapping time taken by applications, and saves cost by pausing the EC2 instances when not required.

Amazon Braket Now Generally Available

Amazon’s quantum computing service, Amazon Braket, is now generally available. Braket is a fully managed service that lets users experiment with computers from quantum hardware providers. This allows organisations to build in-house quantum computing experience, preparing them for the future.

AWS Cloud Computing and IT News

Biotechnology Firm Moderna Using AWS to Test Covid Cure

Moderna has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider. The Biotechnology company is currently developing one of the most advanced coronavirus vaccines.

Using AWS-powered infrastructure, Moderna has been able to deliver the first clinical batch of its vaccine candidate to the National Institutes of Health for a Phase 1 trial. Moderna is using Amazon Redshift to aggregate results, using insights to refine design and production cycles.

Amazon Teaming up with Toyota Build Cloud-Based Data Services

AWS will help Toyota to build a platform to manage and monetise data gathered from their global vehicle fleet.The deal is an expansion of AWS’ existing collaboration with Toyota, and marks Amazon’s expanding foray into the transportation business.

AWS has previously partnered with automotive suppliers such as Aptiv, Panasonic Corp and Nvidia Corp.


Amazon to Build Wind Farm to Power Data Centres in Ireland

Amazon is set to double its renewable energy capability in Ireland with a new wind farm project.
The 115-megawatt wind farm will support AWS data centres in Ireland. It is set to begin operations in 2022, with up to 27 turbines on the site.

The corporate power-purchase agreements will add 229MW of renewable energy to the Irish grid each year. This is the equivalent of powering 185,000 homes and will cut carbon emissions by 366,000 tonnes each year.

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