AWS Training Is Part Of A Winning Combination, For API Talent

2 AWS technicians confer

Is there an AWS skills shortage in Australia and New Zealand? We’ve checked in with Indeed Australia, a couple of AWS partners and a large AWS customer as well as a specialist AWS recruiter. Overall the answer was yes, with a number of different perspectives shared along the way. [Read: AWS job opportunities up 37%, outstripping supply of job seekers]

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Cloud Architect Training & Funding Support In Singapore

We worked with popular website TechInAsia on an article designed to highlight an overlooked area for tech job seekers in Singapore, and one for which employers are eager to hire.
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AWS Skills Shortage: 5 Things ANZ & Singapore-Based AWS Job Seekers Need to Know

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We asked Indeed Australia to tell us a bit about the current state of AWS job postings vs job seekers and the analysis was pretty much as we expected in that it underscored an AWS skills shortage that we have been hearing about and striving to help the market to fill.
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